Forming the Network of Provincial Offices of Integrated Management of the Country’s Wetlands

The offices for the integrated management of wetlands are the center of gravity and the key facilitator in the integrated management and conservation of wetlands through a cohesive and intersectoralplan titled ‘the integrated wetland management plan’. By increasing the number of offices of the ecosystem management and given the necessity of increasing their capability and capacity for establishment, development, and implementation of integrated management plans, the network of offices for the ecosystem management was established by CIWP, and a number of technical, educational, and planning programs are underway with the participation of these offices. Among these activities, we can mention the regular sessions held in six-month intervals for planning and extracting the schedule for the activities of the offices in the next six months as well as regular sessions (held at three-month intervals) to promote the capacity and ability of these offices. Meanwhile,CIWP is focusing on establishment and empowerment of the ecosystem management offices at national, provincial, and local levels, with a higher emphasis on provincial offices since they have a significant role in implementing the management plans for wetlands.