Promoting Inter-sectoral Partnerships in Lake Urmia Basin

The allocation of international financial resources along with utilization of Iranian public and private infrastructure and resources have resulted in the formation of a widespread social movement and the participation of all public and private stakeholders, especially the local communities and the farmers of the basin, in the process of restoration of Lake Urmia, beyond the international resources allocated for realizing this goal. Thanks to the approach governing this project,CIWP has assumed the role of a facilitator for this process in order to better implement the project and accelerate the realization of its objectives. Therefore,CIWP has worked with key stakeholders including organizations for agricultural jihad, regional water companies in Eastern and Western Azerbaijan Provinces, the general DoE provincial offices of Eastern and Western Azerbaijan Provinces, and the remarkable partnership of the local communities, agricultural technical-engineering service firms, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, and other major stakeholders to take the necessary measures for completing this project.