Alagol, Ulmagol and Ajigol lakes

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    In the westernmost part of the Atrak basin area in the north of Golestan province, there are three wetlands from the collection of international wetlands registered in the Ramsar Convention, close to each other. They are called Alagol, Almagol, Ajigol, which are also known as the collection of three international wetlands. These are the forty-ninth wetlands added to the list of critical international wetlands (Ramsar List), registered in the Ramsar Convention on June 23, 1975.
    With an area of 2500 hectares, Alagol is the largest wetland of this collection and is located in a geographical position of 37 degrees and 22 minutes north latitude and 54 degrees and 35 minutes east longitude. The smallest wetland in this collection is Almagol, with 207 hectares and is located at 37 degrees and 25 minutes north latitude and 54 degrees and 38 minutes east longitude.
    Ajigol, with 320 hectares, is located at 37 degrees and 24 minutes north latitude and 54 degrees and 40 minutes east longitude. Due to the new criteria of the Ramsar Convention, 1, 2, 5, and 6 criteria, and also, as they are considered examples of freshwater and brackish lakes belonging to the vast plains of the eastern Caspian Sea, these wetlands are of international significance.
    There are lowlands in the wetlands also, and the environment around the wetlands is a steppe area where low-height dunes can be seen. All three Alagol, Almagol, and Ajigol wetlands are classified into salt, brackish, calcareous, seasonal/periodic lagoons; Seasonal / periodic freshwater lagoons and ponds; Seasonal / periodic brackish, brackish and calcareous lakes; Seasonal / periodic freshwater lakes; and wetland shrubs.
    The altitude at the deepest point of Alagol wetland is 6 meters, and the maximum depth is 4.5 meters at the time of flooding. In most areas, the depth of Almagol differs from one to 1.5 meters, and at most, it is up to three meters in some areas. The western area of Ajigol is more profound than other areas, and its depth differs from one to 1.5 meters and a maximum of three meters in most places. Based on the De Martonne climate classification, this region is arid.

     Alagol, Ulmagol   and Ajigol  lakes
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