Govater Bay and Hur-e-Bahu

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    Khor-e Bahu international wetland and Gwadar Bay with an area of 29500 hectares are in the farthest end of the country’s southeast in Sistan and Baluchestan province. They have been shaped on the west side of Gwadar Bay where the Bahoukalat river joins the Oman sea. The Khor-e Bahu wetland is located in an 85km distance from Chahbahar and close to the Iran-Pakistan coast. Its eastern part is in Pakistan and western part in Iran. For this reason, this area is very important for security and strategic reasons. Khor-e Bahu and Gwadar estuaries are located in the Iranian part, and Jiva estuary is located in the Pakistani part of the bay.
         This bay is reckoned as a part of the Gando Protected area, which enjoys unique ecological values. This ecosystem totally includes the Bahukalat river, estuary, and Gwadar Bay. With the code of 1006, it fell into the list of Ramsar’s international wetlands in 1999. It was also classified as a protected region in the classification of the Department of Environment.
         This wetland has been classified into the sea-coastal wetlands group. It encompasses 60km of the Bahukalat river, Bahu estuary, Gwadar estuary, and a part of Gwadar Bay. It is also important for its marine creatures, especially dolphins’ immigration, mangrove forests, aqueous birds, and desirable habitation and harborage conditions. It is also counted as the biosphere storage of the region and registered in the wetlands’ global system with the R01921 international code.

     Govater Bay   and Hur-e-Bahu
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