Helleh Wetland

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    This management plan is intended to provide a long-term shared vision and approach for achieving the sustainable management of the wetland and its valuable ecosystem services. Specifically, it aims to support the engagement of local people towards a wise use of the wetland;s resources, to encourage inter-sectoral cooperation to achieve agreed objectives, and to raise awareness of the important of the Helleh wetland.
    This integrated management plan has been developed mainly based on outcomes of four workshop session held in  Bushehr city and Helleh protected area during Feb 2015 involving representatives of the key stakeholder groups for the wetland. Additional inputs from local people communities have been provided through participatory rural appraisal session. The plan has been submitted for final consultation by all the stakeholders and enhanced through their constructive comments. It is intended that this participatory approach will ensure a more active involvement of all stakeholders in the wetland management. This version of the management program will be submitted to the higher level provinicial and national authorities for formal approval.
    The idea of this plan with necessary need of department of environment to Change the attitudes on management of wetland habitats and with the aim of expanding ecosystem management in wetlands ecosystems.
    “If decision-makers and local communities are aware of wetland values and benefits of protected areas and be involved in wetland management ecosystem process will support the sustainable management of this precious habitats.”
    Helleh wetland  is one of the most important wetland of the country which in the phase of expansion and generalization of achievements Helleh wetland Protection Plan, management planning begins. This program, in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency,( Office of habitat and areas conservation and Iran wetlands protection plan), Department of Environmental Protection of Bushehr Province and in partnership with stakeholders has been developed.

    Helleh Wetland
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