Sustainable Agriculture Development as a Strategic Action for Sustaining the Wetlands Ecosystems(Case Study: Lake Parishan)

Sustainable agriculture strategy is developed to achieve ramsar convension objectives regarding to global participation for assuring environment sustainability, prevention of land degradation, wetland conservation and economic developments. Government has accepted sustainable agriculture as a key strategy because other current industrial agriculture development models were not so comprehensive and caused environmental imbalance, erosion, biologic death, water crisis, nitrification and several challenges in biodiversity, natural resources, sustainable livelihood, health.
Economic values evaluation of human activities in agriculture sector based on environmental indicator “economic-environment sharing” is the main element of this strategy for participation of stakeholders in protection and biodiversity support plans. These concepts is being implemented since 2010 in a joint initiation between Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Project and Propagation deputy of ministry of Jahad Agriculture called developing sustainable agriculture in water shortage conditions. This project is being developed in 3 pilot villages around 3 wetlands called Ghorigol, Siran goli, and Parishan based on two technical levels: “systematic participatory management of biological agriculture” and “organic system in farm schools of farmers”.
This paper is result of lessons learned from implementation of developing sustainable agriculture in water shortage conditions project in the pilot village Ghale narenji. Remarkable successes of this project based on indicators like water usage efficiency, chemicals usage, and product enhancement indicated high efficiency of sustainable agriculture in increase of economic efficiency, sustainable livelihood based on preservation of main parameters of environment coinciding with social aspects as a strong, inexpensive and sustainable model for protection and support of wetlands ecosystem in Iran.