The Comprehensive Tourism Plan for Kani Barazan International Wetland- Second

The  Kanibarazan  Wetland  in  the  south  of  Lake  Urmia  and  north  of  Mahabad County has the high potential for ecotourism. Developing tourism in this wetland and  its  peripheral  areas, observing  its  environmental  regulations  as  a  wildlife refuge,  can  create  sustained  revenues  for  management  and  conservation  of wetland. Moreover, this Issue can associate local communities to the wetland more than the past. Certainly, the dependence of rural people and local communities on the  wetland  through  tourism  development,  at  first,  reduces  their  harvesting  of wetland production, destruction and threats, and secondly, increases the incentives for wetland conservation in a participatory manner indirectly.
This  report  is  the second part  of  the  study  and  the  preparation  of  the comprehensive  tourism  development  plan  for  the  Kanibarazan  International Wetland,  entitled  "Market  Studies,  Stakeholder  Analyzing  and  Preparing  a Comprehensive Plan". In this report,the proposal master plan will be provided by discovering  the  market  price,  analyzing  the  supply  and  demand  for  proposed functions and land uses, and analyzing a stakeholder demands and opinions.