Improve access to market in the Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Project activities

After completion of the phase 4 of the sustainable agriculture project in the Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Project (CIWP), it was decided to emphasis on the planning for the selling of the agricultural products. In this regard, the conceptual framework of the Marketing Channel got employed. By definition, marketing channel is a set of integrated organizations which are actively involved in building access to goods and services for the end clients. In other words, the path each product paves through the value chain to the end client, is named marketing channel. Thus, to improve sells of a product, its marketing channel should be distinguished and analyzed for providing the alternatives. In this sense, and in line with the goal defined by the CIWP, at the initial phase a project titled ‘Improving access to market’ was established, with the aim to distinguish and analyze the marketing channel of the selected products at the Lake Urmia basin area.
 This project is implemented at three steps:
1-Initial study with the aim to find the products and understanding the capacities and opportunities in the region;
2-Defining the modified scenarios and testing their hypotheses using the feedbacks from the local actors;
3-Preparing the comprehensive action plan and concluding