Monitoring and investigating the effectiveness of crop-improvement and plant-breeding techniques(4th -phase)

This study to help restore Lake Urmia on field scale in the irrigated fields of Lake Urmia basin was conducted in the Miandoab, Mahabad , Naghadeh and Urmia irrigation networks within sustainable agriculture project to reduce agricultural water consumption during 2017-2018. Therefore, different better farming and management techniques including: protective farming, modern irrigation systems, improvement of surface irrigation systems, irrigation based on the actual plant requirement (real time irrigation scheduling), appropriate cultivars, optimal planting date, deficit irrigation, irrigation management, geometry optimization of border and basin irrigation systems, precision leveling operations and others, was applied commensurate with the conditions of each farm. The main purpose of this study was the effectiveness investigation of various techniques that was performed in the project in reducing irrigation water consumption and draw the water balance on the fields, monitoring the performance of engineering and technology companies and the implementation of required training courses in the study area. The pilot farms were selected in terms of physical and chemical soil characteristics, cropping pattern, common management and water resource so that represent the current status of the region. In addition to technical issues, farmers collaboration and promotional discussions, were very important in this project.