Monitoring and investigating the effectiveness of crop-improvement and plant-breeding techniques(5th -phase)

     One of the consequences of the lack of water-resource management, especially in the agriculture sector, is the current conditions of Lake Urmia. This lake is the largest domestic lake in Iran and is declining for climatic and human reasons. Concerning the 90% use of the basin’s water resources in the agriculture sector and its low productivity, one of the most important priorities and approaches to rescuing Lake Urmia is the conduction of the necessary steps towards decreasing water consumption in this sector. One of the main objectives of this project is to present approaches that reduce the rate of water use (such that no stress is imported to the product) parallel to increasing the inlet water to Lake Urmia so that its revival aim is realized. This issue is attainable by the application of managerial and agricultural techniques in both modern and conventional irrigation sectors and its generalization to the basin’s level. Thus, this project attempts to apply crop improvement and irrigation management techniques that are suitable for the conditions of every farm and; therefore, move towards decreasing water use and promoting its productivity in the agriculture domain, which is the main consumer.