Government Of Japan

Government Of Japan In order to realize the goals of sustainable development, the Government of Japan, as a member of the United Nations, has always been one of the pioneering governments in supporting other countries. Therefore, during the meeting between the Prime Minister of this country and the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2014, the Government of Japan agreed to stablish close partnerships with the Iranian government for the restoration of Lake Urmia. Accordingly, along with establishing contact with the UNDP through the Japanese Embassy, various opportunities for partnerships were evaluated for the restoration of Lake Urmia. As a result of these evaluations, the CIWP was introduced and designated as an appropriate platform for the partnership with the Japanese government through generalizing the previous achievements of the project with regards to the restoration of Lake Urmia due to its valuable experiences in the integrated management of wetland ecologies, including Lake Urmia, and the lessons learned by this project when implementing sustainable development pilot projects during 2010 and 2011 in Parishan and Urmia Wetlands.